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Patricia Ann Winarta, B.A., S.H., M.H. Randolph Jay Winarta, S.E., S.H., M.M. Harri Budiman, S.H., M.H., ACIArb. I Gusti Putu Gandhi Nananjaya, S.H. Ryano Rahadian, S.H. Irene Amadea Rembeth, S.H. Jennifer Queenstanti Tontey, S.H. Mirza Marali, S.H. Alessandra Patricia Wijaya Alwi Hafizh Al-Mumtaz S.H. Viyoneta Purnama, S.H.

Patricia Ann Winarta, B.A., S.H., M.H.


Bachelor of Art – California State University of Fullerton
Bachelor of Law – Faculty of Law, Tarumanagara University
Master of Law – Faculty of Law, Pelita Harapan University


Intellectual Property Rights

Current Position

IP Consultant

As a registered IP Consultant based on an Official Decree of the Minister of Justice & Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Patricia not only has strong capabilities in the field of Intellectual Property for the registration of patent, trademark, and industrial design, but she is also capable of assisting the client in intellectual property disputes.

She has full responsibility for leading the Winarta IP Practice team as its General Manager.

She speaks English fluently.