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Irene Amadea Rembeth, S.H.


Amadea obtained her Bachelor of Laws from Gadjah Mada University, with a concentration in Public International Law. Having a diverse interest in cross-cutting matters of law, Amadea was known for her active participation in various university activities. She has competed in and coached several investment arbitration themed international moot court competitions. She has also been entrusted with leadership roles in university organizations including Business Law Community of Gadjah Mada University and Indonesian Climate Change Initiative.



General Corporate Law

Family Law

Labour and Employment Law

Current Position

Junior Associate Lawyer

Amadea is currently based in Frans Winarta & Partners - Alam Sutera, along with the team, assisting Mr. Randolph J. Winarta, S.H., S.E., M.M. in handling various cases, from corporate and commercial matters to civil dispute resolution proceedings.

Prior to joining Frans Winarta & Partners, Amadea had developed a well-rounded past working experience in various institutions including a foreign based consulting company, as well as international organizations and NGOs.