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Patricia Ann Winarta, B.A., S.H., M.H. Randolph Jay Winarta, S.E., S.H., M.M. Harri Budiman, S.H., M.H., ACIArb. I Gusti Putu Gandhi Nananjaya, S.H. Ryano Rahadian, S.H. Irene Amadea Rembeth, S.H. Jennifer Queenstanti Tontey, S.H. Mirza Marali, S.H. Alessandra Patricia Wijaya Alwi Hafizh Al-Mumtaz S.H. Viyoneta Purnama, S.H.

Alwi Hafizh Al-Mumtaz S.H.


Alwi is a law graduate from Padjadjaran University, majoring in Technology, Information, Communication and Intellectual Property Law. During his college years, he was actively involved in various campus organizations and campus activities.



Alternative Disputes Resolution                     

General Corporate Law

Current Position


Alwi has been involved in several corporate matters and litigation, such as assisting in legal drafting and drafting legal opinions. Besides that, Alwi has been involved in alternative disputes resolution especially in arbitration, assisting Prof. Frans H. Winarta. Prior to joining FWP, he was an intern at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.